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About Roatan

Roatan is a beautiful island in the clear, warm, buoyant waters of the Caribbean Sea. Often referred to a as jewel and a gem, it unveils an abundance of white, sandy beaches, calm surf because of an off-shore reef, and dropped into a lush tropical jungle. 

The greens of the tropical vegetation actively mix well with the white sand, and clear blues and greens of the Sea.

The island is approximately 77 kilometers (48 mi) long, and less than 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) across at its widest point. There is a “spine” along which one can see both north and south coasts from the same vantage. 

The island rests upon an ancient coral reef, which at its highest point reaches about 270 meters (890 ft) above sea level.

This Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is one of the main attractions, as it is the largest in the Caribbean and the second largest in the world. 

Roatan is always ranked #1, 2, or 3 in published international surveys of the finest diving spots in the world! Most people who participate in underwater activities on Roatan return year-after-year. Or come to live here permanently! 

The Island is ideal for a satisfying stay because of the stunning beaches, underwater world, nature preserves, easy access from major airports, and reasonable prices.

Roatan’s climate is tropical and the Island is covered in lush jungles. With an average year round temperature of 80° F (27° C), and the crystal-clear Caribbean waters registering between 78° and 84° F (26 – 29° C) year-round, the water’s always warm and inviting.

Roatan is in the Central time zone and does not observe daylight savings time. 

Honduran lempiras currency is accepted everywhere and US dollars are accepted in most places (about 20+ lempiras per dollar). US dollars must be in good condition, with no tears nor marks. Change is available in banks (there is no change kiosk at the airport). And credit cards are widely accepted, certainly in all hotels, restaurants, and clubs/bars. 

There are some modern, suburban-style supermarkets (e.g., Eldon’s). 

Electrical outlets dispense 110-120 VAC at 60 cycles (normal for US and Canada) and accept the standard US/Canada two-prong plug. 

Most merchants and many residents speak English and Spanish. All Roatan school children learn both.

Roatan has an active international airport, whose code is RTB. Currently, there are several different international airlines offering nonstop service to Roatan. 

This is without doubt the easiest way to travel to and from the island. To fly to Roatán directly from the U.S., you can use American Airlines from Dallas or Miami, Delta Airlines out from Atlanta, or United Airlines via Houston. 

You can also take advantage of the Avianca Airlines hub of San Salvador airport (in El Salvador); from there you can fly to Roatan in less than an hour on daily flights.

To fly to Roatan from Canada, you can leave directly from Toronto or Montreal on either Sunwing or Transat Airways during the winter. Direct service is usually offered from late November through April.

Roatan direct international flights

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